Yaxell SUPER GOU Japanese knives


Welcome to the collection of high-end kitchen knives from the Yaxell SUPER GOU series! These exceptional Japanese knives are not only beautiful but also highly effective. All the Yaxell SUPER GOU knives have blades with a SG2 steel core that is ultra rigid, and that is why the blade attains an outstanding hardness level of 63 HRC in the Rockwell scale. To add a little bit of flexibility, the core is covered with 160 layers of steel, which also give the blade a truly original look. Moreover, the handles of Yaxell SUPER GOU knives are made of canvas micarta, which is durable and highly resistant to changes in temperature. The reddish tone of the handle matches perfectly with the damascus blade, and thus the combination of these materials make each of these knives a true piece of art. The knives of the SUPER GOU series are all made in Seki, Japan. They are a remarkable example of the Japanese expertise in the manufacturing of kitchen knives of superlative quality. Give yourself a treat and equip your kitchen with one of these remarkable knives!

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