MAC SRB104 Black Ceramic Sharpening Steel 27cm for Japanese knives

This ceramic sharpening steel is a great alternative to a whetstone

Oval/flat rod covered with a black ceramic coating - 30% harder than metal

It is equivalent to a whetstone with grit 2000 for ultra fine sharpening

Ergonomic, black handle with a loop for hanging the steel

Suitable for both domestic and professional usage

It can be used with Japanese knives!


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Data sheet

  • Material : Ceramic
  • Handle : Synthetic
  • Dishwasher safe: No
  • Made in : Japan
  • Colour : Black
  • Size : 27

More info

Because they are often sharper and harder than Western knives, the blades of Japanese knives usually require a more meticulous care and maintenance. For that reason, to sharpen and hone Japanese knives is mostly recommended to use a whetstone, but the problem with whetstones is that the sharpening process is slower than with a sharpening steel.

If only there was a sharpening steel adapted for Japanese blades, that would be great, wouldn't it? Fortunately, that sharpening steel does exist, and it is the one right here in this page: the MAC Ceramic Sharpening Steel. Unlike most sharpening steels, this one is actually suitable for Japanese knives, thus you will be able to use it to quickly hone your Japanese knives during a busy shift.

This sharpening steel has a flat/oval rod with a length of 27 centimeters, which means that it should be used with knives that have blades that are 27cm or shorter. It is covered with a black ceramic coating that is 30% harder than standard metal. Thus, it is perfect for honing blades with ultra hard steel, which is often the case of Japanese knives. To illustrate it better, this steel is the equivalent of a whetstone grit 2000, which has ultra fine grains for fine sharpening.

Moreover, the type of surface on both sides of the rod is not the same. On one side, the surface is grooved, whereas on the other side, the surface is plain. The grooved side provides more abrasion, and thus it is perfect to do the initial sharpening of blades that need it. Then, you can use the plain side to finish the blade's edge guaranteeing fine, sharp results.

The synthetic, black handle has an ergonomic design that lets you have a comfortable grip. It has a metallic loop at the opposite end of the rod, which is ideal for hanging the steel anymore in the kitchen. Thanks to its design as wells as the quality of the rod, this steel is suitable for professional usage.

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