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Herb Choppers

For adding herbs on your hot dishes or salads, it is important to chop them as finely as possible to infuse the maximum amount of flavour into your recipes. That is why the team of MyChefKnives offers you a wide selection of professional quality herb choppers. Also known as 'hachoir' (from French) or 'mezzaluna' (from Italian), these choppers usually have curved blades depicting a half-moon and one handle on each end of the blades. The mezzaluna chopper is recommended for chopping fine herbs like coriander, parsley and dill, but they can also be used for chopping some vegetables. Thanks to their double handle design, they are quite easy to use, so you can finely chop your herbs on a cutting board like a real chef! Choose the one that meets your needs and start boosting the flavour of your favourite dishes!