Baker lames and grignettes

Baker lames

Welcome to the Baker Lames and Grignettes page on! Scoring is the final stage in preparing a bread before you insert the dough in the oven. Baker lames are used for giving different types of cuts on the dough to make sure the bread turns out into desired patterns without any random cracks on its surface. In fact, scoring allows the bread to bake evenly by releasing carbon gases and preventing tears on the bread. 

MyChefKnives offers you different types of lames that are helpful in decorating your bread. Most of them are mainly divided into two types. The first one is scalpel-style blades, which are used for giving quick and simple cuts. Using these blades, you can achieve a deeper cut on the dough. For example, you can give a simple cross or a slight curve on the bread. These are perfect for cutting french bread and baguettes. 

The second type is razor-type blades. As you might guess from its name, the lame looks like a razor blade. This blade can be manoeuvred easily as all four corners of the blade can be used to slash the bread. This blade is best for decorating the bread and making undercuts.

With these lames, you can show your creativity on the dough by giving them different kinds of patterns such as a cross, a box design, double slash, etc. Choose the one that best suits your needs and start creating beautiful loaves of bread. Finally, to enjoy the delicious bread, you need a knife to cut it precisely. Here at MyChefKnives, we offer a wide range of bread knives. Go check them out, too!