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Discover the great selection of knife bags available on our website! Enjoy our extensive variety of designs, sizes, and prices. We have knife bags of high quality for some of the most important brands of the market such as Wusthof, KAI, Dick, FISCHER, and 3 Claveles. A knife bag is an indispensable accessory for all professional cooks who need to carry around their work utensils in a safe and convenient way. You don't need to be a professional cook to equip yourself with a chef knife bag, because even if you dont carry your knives around, a bag can also serve as perfect storage for your knives and utenils. For students at culinary schools, a good bag represents the best way of carrying their knives and utensils when they go to school.

Regardless of your profession, a knife bag will always be a super useful accessory in your kitchen. Some are made of nylon, others are made of leather, and yet others are made of polyester. You could get a small bag to store simply your 3 or 5 most essential knives or you could get one big enough to store up to 20 knives and other kitchen tools. Your needs and preferences may vary, but we're sure that you can find the perfect bag for you here at MyChefKnives !

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Knife Bags: Have you got yours?

Kitchen knives are the main work tools for butchers, fishmongers, professional chefs, and students in culinary schools. These people need their tools wherever they go, but carrying kitchen knives is not such an easy thing to do. First, you have to think about quantity; cooks use several types of kitchen knives so carrying them all at the same time could be a nightmare. Second, knives can be easily damaged if they are not well-protected, and no cook would be happy to see that the blade of his knife has been bent during the transport. Last, knives are pointy and sharp, so carrying them can also be dangerous. But that's enough talking about problems, let's talk better about solutions, here at MyChefKnives, we consider that ther is no better solution for these problems than using a knife bag.

Find the perfect knife bag at MyChefKnivesUsing a  bag to carry your kitchen knives is safe and convenient. Knife bags are not the only solution for the problem of carrying knives, because there other accessories such as hard knife cases. However, knife bags get the win over knife cases when it comes to flexibility and ease of transport. A knife case is usally hard and heavy, and these characteristics are not very desirable if you have to carry it around wherever you go. On the other hand, knife bags are most of the times easier to carry because they are lighter and more flexible.

Choosing the right knife bag for you

Here at MyChefKnives, you can find the largest selection of knife bags on the web. Our collection includes bags of different sizes, designs, and prices. With so many options in front of your eyes, we understand that it might be difficult to know which is the right knife bag for you, but don't worry, we are going to help you choose the right bag for you according to your needs, preferences, and budget.

- Empty bags: choose your preferred design

Some cooks can make their living with only a couple of knives and accessories. This type of cooks usually only need a chef knife, a paring knife, a carving knife, and a sharpening steel to "survive" ina work day. For them, the best option is to get to get a small roll bag. These small but super convenient knife bags are characterised for their flexibility. In fact, as their name suggests, these bags can be rolled out to store your favourite kitchen knives and can be rolled back in to be closed with snap buttons or Velcro fasteners. Most roll bags can store between 4 to 9 kitchen knives, but there are also bigger roll bags that can store up to 17 knives and other kitchen accessories.

However, if you do not like roll bags, there are other types of knife bags with more "traditional" designs. You can find bags for knives that ressemble ordinary handbags. These bags are usually closed with zipper and have incorporated handles that make them easier to carry. Inside this type of knife bags, there are individual pockets designed for storing kitchen knives, but thanks to the fact that they ressemble normal handbags, they could also be used to carry personal stuff like keys, phone, etc. Sames as with the roll bags, for this type of knife bags, you can find some with storing capaity of 6 knives as well as others that can store up to 34 kitchen tools!

- Furnished knife bags: for when you need EVERYTHING

Kitchen knife bagsA knife bag is the perfect accessory for storing and carrying your knives, but what about if you don't have any knives to carry? No problem. We also have knife bags that are sold furnished with knives in it! A great deal from every angle. You get the knives that you need to prepare your most delicious dishes, and in the same combo, you get the bag that you can use to store them and carry them wherever you go. 

If you are a professional cook, we recommend you to get a good chef knife bag with a varied selection of the most used types of kitchen knives so that you can prepare all types of food ingredients. If you need much more than just knives, you can choose perhaps a bigger culinary bag which might include other types of kitchen utensils such as spatulas, scissors, whisks, and more! There are also more specialized bags dedicated to more specific types of cooks. For instance, if you are a baker, there are culinary bags furnished with baking utensils, and if you are a butcher, there are knife bags with knives especially designed for meat-processing. 

A knife bag is better if it is from your favourite brand

Small and big; empty and furnished; nylon and polyester. There is certainly a long list of features that can differentiate one knife bag from another. However, one special feature that hasn't been discussed yet is its manufacturer: the brand. And yes, the brand does matter. It matters when choosing a cellphone, when choosing a car, and when choosing a pair of shoes, and it is the same case for knife bags.

Naturally, bags for storing knives are usually manufactured by the same brands that make the knives. Therefore, when talking about the best brands of knife bags, we would to refer to the same brands to which we refer when we talk about the best kitchen knives. For instance, if you are a fan of the great quality and performance of German cultery, then you would probably prefer to equip yourself with one of the Wusthof knife bags available on our website.

On the other hand, if you are more passionate about Japanese cutlery and its famous brands such as KAI, Tojiro, and Chroma, then you would be interested in one of the several Japanese knife bags offered here at MyChefKnives. However, the list of brands goes on and on with other brands such as 3 Claveles, Fischer, and BergHOFF. No matter which brand you prefer, we are confident that you'll find the right one for you! Go get it now!