Victorinox Rosewood knives

Rosewood knives

Welcome to our selection of Rosewood knives from Victorinox ! The great quality of Victorinox knives is well-known throughout the entire planet, and the knives from the Rosewood series are not the exception. The Rosewood knives are perfect for professional cooks that are looking for knives with great durability and an excellent cutting performance. The name of the knife series is due to the material from which the handles of these knives is made: rosewood. This material is resistant and durable, and it also give the knives a nice rustic look to the knives. Moreover, these knives have blades made of stainless steel that has a great resistance to corrosion, which is a characteristic highly appreciated in professional kitchens. In our selection of Rosewood knives, you can find the main types of knives that you might need in the kitchen. Hurry up to get yours now and enjoy the great prices that only MyChefKnives can offer you !