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The kitchen knives from KAI are 100% made in Japan. With the headquarters based in Tokyo, KAI is a brand known for the exceptional quality of its kitchen knives and its more than 100 years of experience in the field of cutlery! Since its foundation in 1908,KAIdesigns and manufactures more than 10,000 different products such as razors, scissors, and of course: kitchen knives. Being one of the leading brands of Japanese cutlery, KAI products are widely used and appreciated by professional and home cooks from all around the world. Kai offers us different knife ranges to adapt to all different needs and preferences of its clients. Among the most popular ones we can mention the Wasabi Black series and the Shun Tim Malzer series. Choose the knife that best fits your needs and discover why Japanese cutlery is so popular around the globe.

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Kai kitchen knives

When it comes to combining the old samurai tradition with the modern techniques of knife manufacturing processes, KAI is probably the best brand in the whole world. If you are a true fan of Japanese cutlery, then you surely are aware of the great quality of all Kai kitchen knives. Known for their impressive cutting performance and beautiful designs, Kai knives are super popular in both the Oriental and Western countries. Professional chef and home cooks from all around the globe love them!

KAI was found in 1908 in the city of Seki, which is considered by many as capital and birthplace of Japanese cutlery. With more than 100 years of the experience in the cutlery industry, Kai has become a world leader in the manufacturing of kitchen knives, scissors, razors, sharpening stones, knife bags, and several other accessories for your kitchen. Nowadays, the headquarters of the company are located in Tokyo, but the brand still keeps its main logistics center in Seki. 

Japanese cutlery at its best!Becoming familiar with your Kai knives

Being a leader brand of Japanese cutlery, Kai is a specialist in manufacturing knives with blades with a Japanese design. It is very well known that Japanese blades are true pieces of art because they combine beautiful, Oriental designs with superlative sharpness that let them have a superior cutting performance.

Probably the most famous type of Japanese knife is the santoku knife. Santoku is a Japanese term that means “three advantages”, and the reason this term was applied to this type of knife is because of the three different uses that you can give to this knife: cutting fish, cutting vegetables, and cutting meat. For its great versatility, it is often considered as the Japanese equivalent of the European chef knife.

Other popular types of knives with Japanese-style blades are the nakiri, yanagiba, and deba knives. The blade of the nakiri knife has a square shape that resembles the one of chopper. However, it is meant to be used only to cut vegetable and never for meat. Second, the yanagiba knife is excellent for preparing sushi and sashimi. Its blade resembles the blade of a carving or slicing knife. Last but not least, the deba knife is the ideal tool for filleting fish. The rear part of its strong, heavy blade can all be used to dissect small chicken and fish bones.

Despite being mostly famous because of its Japanese-style knives, Kai also offers Western-type of kitchen knives that are popular in Europe. Therefore, if what you need is a chef knife, a carving knife, a bread knife, or a paring knife, Kai remains a great option to equip your kitchen with the best quality!

Moreover, Kai is aware of the different tastes and needs of its clients, and that is why the brand offers you several different knife ranges with different designs and different price levels. However, despite of the differences among all Kai knife ranges there is one thing that always remains the same: Kai knives are products of truly superb quality. Find below all the different KAI knife ranges available here at MyChefKnives.co.uk .

Several KAI knife ranges at your disposal

- Wasabi Black knife series : Elegance and great cutting performance are only two of the main adjectives that describe all the knives from the  KAI Wasabi series. The kitchen knives from this series are known for their black handles made of polypropylene attached to the blade through a stainless steel bolster. The combination of the black colour of the handle with the silverish colour of the steel bolster give these knives a very elegant look. However, the best part of the Wasabi Black knives is their impressive price-quality ratio. With the kitchen knives from the Wasabi Black series, you can equip your kitchen with Japanese cutlery of high quality at affordable prices. This is why this knife ranges is so popular among domestic cooks.

- Shun Classic series : Probably the most popular of all Kai knife ranges, the Shun Classic series offers Japanese kitchen knives that are the perfect combination of beauty and outstanding quality. The Kai Shun Classic knives are widely used by both professional and home cooks all around the world. All Shun Classic knives have traditional D-shaped handles made of pakka wood and damascus blades with 32 layers of steel. Having a knife from the Shun Classic series in your kitchen represents not only having a tool of superior quality but also a beautiful piece of art that will make all your friends and neighbors jealous because they will want to have their own, too.

- Shun Premier Tim Malzer series : Flamboyant, superb, exquisite, unique... A knife from the Kai Shun Tim Malzer series cannot be described in any other way! This knife range was inspired by the popular German TV chef Tim Malzer (now you know why the range is named like that). These high-end kitchen knives are extremely beautiful tools of impressive quality that are suitable for both home and professional cooks. The blades of the Kai Tim Malzer knives are true pieces of art made from 32 layers of steel that give a pretty damascus effect, but on top of that, the blades are also hammered, so their look is even more elegant and exotic. To complete the astonishing look of these knives, the handles are made of brown walnut wood, giving your knives an attractive rustic look, too.

There is no need to add anything else; KAI knives are the benchmark of high-quality Japanese cutlery. Regardless of the knife range of your preference, buying a Kai kitchen knife is an investment that you will not regret. In fact, the biggest risk is that you will fall in love with the knife and you will want to buy the entire range ;)