Sharpening steels for kitchen knives

Sharpening steels

Knives lose their sharpness as days go by. Luckily, we have sharpening steels to save the day! Here at MyChefKnives, we offer you an extensive selection of sharpening steels from the best brands in the market, such as: Wusthof, FISCHER, DICK, and many others! Sharpening steels are the preffered type of knife sharpeners among butchers and professional chefs due to their fast results.

In order for you to choose the right sharpening steel for your kitchen, it is important for you to know that the rod must be longer than the blade of your knife. Another important thing to have in mind is that the rod's material must be harder than the steel of your knife's blade, because otherwise, the edge of the knife would get damaged. To adapt to whatever is your need, we offer you sharpening steels of different sizes and designs, as well as special steels with ceramic and diamond rods. In other words, this is the right place to find the perfect sharpening steel for your knives!

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