Sieves for pastry chefs


Check out our wide collection of sieves for pastry cooks on! Kitchen sieves are generally made of stainless steel and are used by both home cooks and professional bakers. Sieves are mainly used for getting rid of clumps in powdery ingredients. They can be used to sift ingredients like sugar, flour, etc. For instance, the realisation of the smooth texture of macrons is only possible after sieving its flour. Sieves are available in different types of forms such as the ring-shaped sieve or the sieve with a handle. The can be of different diameters, and they can also be flat or in a bowl shape. The holes of the mesh can vary in how tight they are depening on cooks' needs (ultra fine powder or medium fine powder). Choose the sieve that best matches the requirements of your recipes! Also, for all the baking and pastry enthusiasts, we invite you to visit the baking section of our website to find everything you need for your kitchen!