Shizu Hamono Nude+ Japanese knives


If you were looking for a different type of Japanese knives, you had come to the right place. The Nude+ kitchen knives are made in Seki, Japan, by the brand Shizu Hamono, and the knives from this range are mainly characterised for their modern and unique design. Each knife is made of a single piece of AUS8 Japanese steel without any type of welding between the blade and the handle. What makes Shizu Hamono Nude+ knives truly special is their ultra flat shape with a handle that is just slightly thicker than the blade. They come in an elegant box with a magnetic interior that keeps the blade in its place at all times. Therefore, a Shizu Hamono Nude+ knife is certainly a great gift idea for a passionate cook or anyone who wants to add an innovative touch to his or her kitchen. Get yours now!