Jikko Tokusei Japanese knives


Discover the Tokusei knife range from the Japanese brand Jikko here at MyChefKnives! The beautiful, high quality Japanese knives are manufactured in the city of Sakai by true Japanese artisans with great expertise in the field of cutlery. Characterised by their extraordinary quality and their beautiful design, these knives are made to meet the expectations of all cooks! 

The blades of Jikko Tokusei knives are made of 2 layers of steel: the core is made of Nihon Steel with high carbon content and this core is surrounded by a layer of soft iron. The different layers are visible on the blade's surface due to their difference in colours. Moreover, the handles of these Japanese knives are made of Magnolia wood and are connected to the blade through a black bolster made of polycarbonate. The traditional Japanese look is simply astonishing! There is no doubt that wehn you buy a Jikko Tokusei knife, you are getting a truly efficient knife of high quality that honors the well-known reputation of Japanese cutlery. Get yours now!