Kanetsugu Pro-J Japanese knives


Find here the entire collection of Japanese knives from the Kanetsugu Pro-J series! These beautiful and good-quality kitchen knives have ultra sharp blades made with a ZA-18 steel core, which enables the blades to reach a hardness of +61 HRC in the Rockwell scale. Another special characteristic of these blades is their Tsuchime finish, which in simpler words means that they have a hammered surface. The handles are made of laminated wood with two steel rivets, and they are connected to the blades with a stainless steel bolster. 

The Kanetsugu Pro-J knives not only have an elegant look but also have an outstanding cutting performance that any cook would appreciate. The top-quality materials used in the construction of the knives plus the attention paid to every single detail of each knife's design are enough to prove that these knives are a smart investment for your kitchen. Choose yours here!