Wusaki Damas VG10 knives

Damas VG10

In this page you can find the entire range of the knives from the Wusaki Damas VG10 series! These knives are as effective as they are beautiful. The Wusaki VG10 series offers you the knives that every cook needs: chef knife, paring knife, santoku knife... There is a knife for every different type of function. The blade of a Damas VG10 knife has a VG10 steel core, which is a Japanese steel highly appreciated in the culinary industry thanks to its 1% of carbon content. This high carbon content enables the knife to be hard and remain sharp for long time. The core is then coated with 67 layers of damask steel, which means that different layers of soft and hard steel overlap each other creating original patterns on the blade's surface. The top part of the blade's face has a hammered surface that enhances the non-stick capacity of the blade. The handles are also an important element of these Wusaki knives. They are made of olive wood that is soft to the touch. Its unique shape adapst perfectly to the hand, regardless of whether it is the right or the left one. The steel base of the handle has an engraving with a Japanese character. Every little detail has been carefully studied to make these knives truly exceptional. The best part is that you can get them here at the best prices! No need to spend a fortune to enjoy a knives of such great quality. Get yours now!