Tramontina kitchen knives


Welcome to the colection of Tramontina kitchen knives at MyChefKnives ! Tramontina knives are known for their great cutting performance and their elegant design. The brand was established in 1911 in Carlos Barbosa, Brazil with the core values of innovation,design, and technology. Tramontina is undoubtedly the biggest brand of Brazilian cutlery, but thanks to the great quality of its knives, the brand reputation is now spread throughout the world. 

The Values Behind Tramontina Knives

"EquipTramontina is definitely among the most traditional and respected brands in the field of cutlery. This Brazilian brand was founded in 1911, and since then, it has been constantly raising the bar when it comes to making kitchen knives, tools and accessories of superb quality. Indeed, the excellent cutting performance and long-lasting sharpness of each kitchen knife made by Tramontina explains why this traditional Brazilian brand has such a remarkable reputation in the culinary world. Additionally, the great variety of Tramontina kitchen knives is suitable for both professional and non-professional environments. This explains why the kitchen knives from Tramontina are highly appreciated by professional chefs and home cook enthusiasts from all around the world!

Another crucial aspect that plays a major role in the great succes that Tramontina has in the culinary industry is the core values of the brand. These values are based in constant innovation, beautiful design, top-technology and cultural elements. Indeed, when buying a knife made by Tramontina you can feel that it is not only about efficiency but also about the Brazilian culinary culture. In fact, each kitchen knife made by this brand is designed and created based on the Brazilian culinary culture, and guess what is one of the most traditional dishes from Brazil?  The delicious “churrasco” (barbecue) ! The Brazilian culture of making barbecues is highly valued by Tramontina when making its top-quality knives.

So, now that you know about the history and values of Tramontina, it is going to be easier to  understand why their knives provide such excellent experience while cutting steaks and meat dishes in general. For instance, their barbecue knives are equipped with high-quality features so that you can have a delightful cooking routine and pleasant meals when eating  your steaks. All Tramontina knives are equipped with a combination of ultra sharp blades and ergonomic handles that are simply fantastic. With such knives you are going to be able to have a barbecue with friends and/or family in the best way possible.

The main characteristics of a Tramontina knife

There is no doubt that to create kitchen knives with the highest standards of quality  is necessary to have a vast know-how and use sophisticated manufacturing processes. These two elements help Tramontina to make knives with superior cutting performance, long-lasting sharpness and with a beautiful design inspired in the Brazilian barbecue tradition. Here at MyChefKnives, we explain you the features that make Tramontina knives so unique:

- High-quality Blade

The blades are made of stainless steel, which ensures an outstanding performance for cutting all types of steaks and other meats present in your favourite dishes. In fact, this material is well-known for its exceptional strength, durability and resistance to corrosion. The great benefit of using a knife with such blade is that it doesn’t need too much maintenance.

Another important feature of these blades is related to its construction, which follows a quenching process in which the blade is heated to high temperatures and rapidly cooled again. This process is responsible for making the blade reach an incredibly high level of strength, robustness and solidity. Thus, this blade is extremely resistant to deformation and can be used for a long time without the need of being sharpened frequently.

- Beautiful handle

The handles of the Tramontina steak knives available on our website are made of polywood, which is a composite material that is highly resistant over time and at the same time has an elegant, rustic look that gives a touch of warmth to the kitchen decoration. Furthermore, it is extremely resistance to impacts and high temperatures, and it can also be safely washed in the dishwasher machine.

Moreover, these handles were designed with an ergonomic shape, which enables you to have a firm and comfortable grip while cutting your delicious steaks. And last but not least, the handles are fixed with aluminium rivets, which ensure an overall robustness and optimal balance.

Now that you are familiarized with Tramontina knives, you can choose your favourite ones from the collection available on our website and equip your kitchen with top-quality Brazilian cutlery. Never forget that at MyChefKnives you can find a wide variety of knives, tools and accessories for your kitchen from the most respected brands in the world!