Knife sets & Knife Blocks

Knife sets & Knife Blocks

Looking for the perfect set of knives for your kitchen? This is the right place for you! The team of MyChefKnives offers you in this page a large selection of kitchen knife sets and knife blocks. A knife set is always a great option because it allows you to get all the different types of kitchen knives that you need for preparing your food in a single purchase! Let's not forget that a knife set is also a good option for offering as a gift. For whatever purpose you need it, here you'll be able to find the right knife set for you because our collection is so vast that includes: BBQ sets, steak knife sets, ceramic knife sets, and many more types of sets from top brands such as Wusthof and Sabatier.

This is also the right place for finding a knife block for storing your knives. We have beautiful knife blocks of different sizes, designs, and materials. Here, you can find universal blocks, wooden blocks, magnetic blocks... you choose the one that suits you the best! Whether you need an empty knife block or a block with knives included, we are sure that you can find the perfect one for you here at MyChefKnives!

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Knives are probably the most important tools that every kitchen must have. For preparing almost any type of dish, at some point along the process, it is most likely that you will need a knife to cut, mince, slice, or chop your ingredients. However, these ingredients are all different, and they all require different methods of being cut and for every method of cutting, you need a different knife!

Therefore, because it is clear that a single knife is not enough for your kitchen; at we offer you a great variety of knife sets. With our knife sets, you are able to equip your kitchen with all the knives needed to accomplish all the cutting tasks.

Types of knife sets

Discover all the knife sets at MyChefKnives

Some of our knife sets include their own roll bag where the knives can be carried. This makes them perfect for traveling professional cooks and for students are culinary schools. They usually include the main kitchen knives such as chef knives, utility knives, bread knives, and paring knives. Some even include a sharpening steel to keep all your knives always with a great cutting performance.

Regardless of your preference of kitchen knives, there is always a knife set perfect for you! For instance, if you like knives with long durability and extreme sharpness, then you might be pleased with one ceramic knife set. If you enjoy knives with an Oriental design, then you’ll probably love our Japanese knife sets. If you often deal with big pieces of meat, then a carving set would be ideal for you. Therefore, if it is still not clear, we repeat it again: there is always a knife set perfect for you!

Although most knife sets include knives of different usages, there is one type of knife set that includes identical knives: steak knife sets. In a steak knife set, all knives tend to be exactly the same, and this makes sense because at a dining table, you wouldn’t want people complaining about the different size or design of his or her knife in comparison with the rest, would you? :)


Knife blocks : the ideal storage

Great variety of knife blocksEquipping your kitchen with all the kitchen knives it needs is a mission that can be accomplished with one of our knife sets, but once you have all the knives you need, how and where will you store them? No need to worry, because at we also have the answer for that:knife blocks.

With a knife block you can safely store your knives and have easy access to them anytime you need you use them. There are knife blocks of different sizes, designs and capacities. The most common ones usually have a wooden appearance, because they are made either of beechwood, ash wood, or rubberwood.

A knife block is not only a good way to store your knives but also a great way to improve the décor of your kitchen. Some knife blocks have very innovative designs that will give your kitchen an elegant and modern look. For instance, some knife blocks are made of plexiglass and have transparent surfaces. There are even magnetic knife blocks with which you only need to let the blades of your steel knives get attached to the magnets of the knife block.

Many of the knife blocks available on our website also have special slots for storing other kitchen tools such as carving forks, sharpening steels, and kitchen shears. Therefore, if you feel that you are currently struggling with the organization of your kitchen knives and tools, we encourage you to take a look at the extensive collection of empty knife blocks available on our website. However, what is better than an empty knife block? A furnished knife block! That is why we also offer you knife blocks full of kitchen tools from the best brands of the market such as Wusthof, Pradel, Richardson, and more!