Knives with Damascus steel blades

Damascus knives

Let's talk about sharpness and beauty; let's talk about originality and robustness; in other words, let's talk about Damascus knives! Widely popular in Japanese cuisine but also starting to conquer the Western market, these knives are the result of a unique expertise that delivers blades of high quality and an impressive look. Damascus knives are super sharp and are very rigid, which helps their cutting edge to remain shapr for longer time. 

In addition to their extraordinary cuting performance, these kitchen knives are characterised for the original look of their blades. In fact, on the blade you can see wavy lines running along the surface. These lines are caused by the different damask steel layers from which the blade is made. The more layers of steel the blade has, the more wavy lines you'll see on its surface. On this page you ca find damascus knives from several renowned Japanese brands such as KAI, Kasumi, and Miyabi. Choose the model that best fits your needs and plce your order in just a few clicks!

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