KAI Shun Classic Knives

Shun Classic

Looking for Japanese kitchen knives of truly outstanding quality? You have come to the right place! Welcome to our collection of kitchen knives from the Shun Classic series from the prestigious Japanese brand KAI. The knives from this range are products of exceptional quality that combine great cutting performance with a beautiful design difficult to match. Manufactured in Japan, all Shun Classic knives have ultra sharp blades made of 32 different layers of damascus steel with a core of VGMAX steel that guarantees their robustness and strength.

Moreover, the handle of any Kai Shun Classic knife is characterised for its impeccable design and elegant look. Made of pakka, which is a material resulting from the combination of wood and resin, the handle always has the optimal weight to provide the perfect balance to your knife. It definitely isn't hard to see why professional and home cooks from around the globe admire so much the Kai Shun Classic range. Find the knife that best fits your needs (santoku, nakiri, paring, bread or chef knife) and equip your kitchen with the high quality of a Shun Classic kitchen knife!

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Kai Shun Classic Knives: an investment that is worth every penny

KAI SHUN CLASSICJapanese cutlery has a great reputation in the culinary world because its tradition dates back to the old Samurai era in which blades of outstanding sharpness were created. That old know-how of Japanese blacksmiths was transmitted from generation to generation until it was introduced in the manufacturing of kitchen knives. That is why nowadays Japanese knives are often considered to be the sharpest and most efficient types of kitchen knives. We cannot deny that there are some Western knives of great quality and sharpness such as the ones from Wusthof and Sabatier, but we do understand and agree that Japanese knives tend to have blades out of this world and the clear proof of that are the KAI Shun Classic knives.

KAI is a Japanese brand of kitchen knives with more than 100 years of experience. This brand is known worlwide for its knives of remarkable cutting performance, but the knives from the Shun Classic range are the ones that have made KAI one of the preferred brands among professional and amateur cooks throughout every continent. We cannot hide that we have a special feeling of attraction for these knives, but after you get to try at least one of the several knives inside the Shun Classic range, we are sure that you will feel the same. Let's just call it love at first sight ;)

And what's not to love about the Kai Shun Classic kitchen knives? They're simply amazing! Each single feature of every Shun Classic knife was carefully designed to make your cooking experience more pleasant and enjoyable. Their damascus blades allow you to perform precise and clean cuts with no effort required. The solidity and robustness of the blades make these knives have one of the best cutting performances that you can't find even in the most high-end Japanese knives of the market. The Kai Shun Classic knives can get the job done in an effective and efficient way, but what makes them so special is much more than their incredible capacity to cut. In fact, the Shun Classic series is also very well-known for offering knives with an original and dazzling look. This range of knives is definitely among the most beautiful lines of kitchen knives that the world has ever seen!

A closer look into the anatomy of a Kai Shun Classic knife

In order to create knives of such dazzling beauty and remarkable quality, KAI has paid attention to even the smallest detail on each of part of a Shun Classic knife. Using a smart combination of Japanese craftmanship, innovative technology, and their expertise in the industry, KAI succeeded to creat a knife range that is appreciated (and desired) even by top class professionals in the culinary world. To help you understand better all the fuss about this range, we'll explain you in detail each of its main features:

- The blade

A knife can be as beautiful as watching the sunset on the beach of a Caribbean island, but if it has a blade that cuts poorly then it becomes as useful as washing your car on a rainy day. Fortunately, Kai Shun Classic knives are equipped with blades of high quality that can cut with an incredible ease and precision. A lot of the great quality of these knives' blades is due to their high level of rigidity and robustness. This is possible thanks to a core made of VG MAX steel in addition to 32 different layers of damask steel. This construction allows the blade to reach a hardness level of 61 HRC on the Rockwell scale. A blade that is so strong and hard is guaranteed to be also durable and resistant.

Different types of Shun Classic knives Moreover, the overlapping layers of steel that compose this blade create wavy patterns on the face of the blade. This original look is known in the culery world as the damascus effect. The wavy lines follow a different pattern in every single knife as if they were the fingerprints of the knife. It is important to add that each blade is sharpened by hand in order to ensure a long-lasting sharpness, which is highly appreciated in every kitchen. However, for when the time comes in which you need to sharpen your Shun Classic knife, we recommend you to use a whetstone with fine grains above 1000. Japanese knives in general are not meant to be sharpened with honing rods, and using whetstones with coarse grain can actually damage the edge of the blade. Therefore, play safe and use a whetstone with fine grains, and if you don't have one, you can find one here at MyChefKnives.

- The handle

To guarantee that you have full control over the cuts that you make with your Shun Classic knife, KAI carefully designed a handle that gives you a comfortable and firm grip. The handle has a traditional Japanese D-shaped design that benefits the comfort of your hand and reduces its fatigue. In addition, the handle is made of pakka, which is a material composed from a combination of wood and resin. This material is strong and durable, and it is perfect to balance the weight of the robust blade. We can't ignore also that this handle has an elegant look that will seduce even the most demanding cooks. The base of the handle is made of steel, and the contrast between the shiny steel and the dark pakka create an attractive look that is not easy to find in many kitchen knives.

A vast variety of Shun Classic knives at your disposal

In addition to the high quality and astonishing beauty of its products, another advantage of the Shun Classic series is that it offers a wide range of kitchen knives for all types of functions and cuts that you need to perform with your food ingredients. The Shun Classic range is definitely one of KAI's most complete knife series. Whether you are a professional chef in a restaurant or an amateur cook in the kitchen of your house, we're sure that the KAI Shun Classic series has the right knife for your needs.

One of the biggest perks of the Shun Classic range is that you can find both Japanese and Western types of kitchen knives. If you prefer the Oriental design, you can find traditional Japanese knives such as the santoku and the nakiri knife. On the other hand, if you prefer knives with blades that have a typical Western shape, you can also find knives such as chef knives, carving knives, and paring knives.

Moreover, the Shun Classic series also offers elegant knife sets that anyone would love to have in their kitchen. Indeed, a Kai Shun Classic knife set can make the ideal gift for loved one, especially if that loved one enjoys cooking with knives of superior quality. If one Shun Classic knife is able to improve your entire cooking experience, then imagine what a full knife set could do! Do not hesitate anymore and let yourself equip your kitchen with knives of extraordinary quality. We assure you: Kai Shun Classic knives are worth every single penny :)