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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Since the 18th of December 2020, we have stopped our business due to the end of Brexit transition period. For more information, please click here.

Our Story

George Bernard Shaw was an Irish writer who once said “there is no love sincerer than the love of food.” 

We couldn’t agree more with him. We know that people love food, because we love food! (yes, we’re people, too). However, nobody likes a meal when it is not well-prepared, and a meal is not  well-prepared when the right kitchen tools are missing.

This made us think: “we need to do something to make sure people and their love for food stay alive!” Then, this is where we thought “what is an essential utensil that must be present in every kitchen around the world?” Our answer was: knives!

This is how we came up with the idea of creating a website where people could buy any type of knife that they want for any need that they might have in their kitchens.

We know that if you have the right knives, then you’ll be able to prepare well your food, and with well-prepared food, the most sincere love of the world won’t die. This is how the idea of MyChefKnives came to existence!


Our Values

- Provide an excellent service to all our customers, from the first time they visit our website until the moment in which they receive their orders. 

- Offer our customers the biggest catalog of kitchen knives and other cutlery accessories with a vast range of brands going from the most common ones to the less common ones that also deserve to be known given their high-quality products.

- Always have in mind the quality and presentation of our products. We are constantly looking to achieve excellence in all possible sectors to make our customers happy.

- To be always in a good mood while having a good sense of humor, because a good environment promotes good results!

- Defend the most sincere love in the world: the love of food.



Want to know a little bit more about our team?



Mission : I am doing my best to make your experience on our website unique !

CV :  BA (honors) International Business and Marketing Nottingham Trent Business School

Hobbies : Sports, adventures, traveling and candies :)

Best Recipe : My Grandmother Potato gratin

Fun Fact : I lost my car key in the middle of an isolated village in Mexico



Florent Leonardo FLO

Mission : I search for quality products and try to get the best prices for our customers

CV : Business School IDRAC

Hobbies : Cooking, eating, watching movies and sports. But mostly eating actually...

Best Recipe : The chocolate Trianon (Yummy!)

Fun Fact : I am always hungry :)



Emma Cappa EMMA

Mission : I create new products, giving you all the information you need...

CV : BA Modern languages and Masters degree in International Business

Hobbies : Sports, movies, video games and tattoooooos !

Best Recipe : White chocolate & caramel brownie

Fun Fact : I have fed a baby tiger :)



Luis Martinez LUIS

Mission : I assist with the creation of new products while providing you great information !

CV : BSc in Economics @ Lindenwood University and MBA @ IPAG Business School

Hobbies : Sports, watching comedies, and EATING !

Best Recipe : Baleadas (Honduran typical dish)

Fun Fact : I made a 400 km trip by bycicle from St. Louis to Chicago (USA) that lasted 6 days !




Felix Backlin FELIX

Mission : Handle the best way possible all contacts between you and our team !

CV : BA in Sport Management and event organisation

Hobbies : Sports, traveling, video games and chocolate ( Cadbury is the best ;P )

Best Recipe : Home made apple Turkey

Fun Fact : I have had my hair permanently dyed in pink



Marcus the Ficus MARCUS

Mission : I provide Oxygen to the team so they can be productive !

CV : Masters in hyper Oxygenation in Canada

Hobbits : Frodon, Sam, Merry and Pippin

Best Recipe : My hometown Lettuce salad

Fun Fact : I made a brief appearance in the movie "Avatar" by James Cameron



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E-mail: hello@mychefknives.co.uk

Mailing address:  Sarl L&W, Mychefknives.co.uk - 245 ALLEE LOUIS BLERIOT - MANDELIEU 2000 - 06210 MANDELIEU

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