Kitchen knife bags and cases

Knife bags and cases

Professional chefs, students of culinary schools, and even home cooks must know that for storing and carrying kitchen knives they must use special bags or cases that guarantee your comfort and the safety of your knives. That is why the team of MyChefKnives has selected a large variety of knife bags and cases, and we've put them all here in this page so that you can find the one that best fits your needs. Our collection includes bags of several types, sizes, an designs. Whether you need an empty knife bag or one that comes with knives included, this is the right place to find what you need.

We have bags from some of the best brands in the market such as KAI, Wusthof, Dick, and Fischer. Some small roll bags can store up to 6 knives while other bags are bigger and can store up to 20 knives. We offer you flexible, lightweight bags that are ideal for home cooks as well as solid, robust knife cases that are ideal for butchers. Long story short: in terms of bags and cases for your kitchen knives, we have what you need! 

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Professional cooks often have to travel to different places to apply their magic in the kitchen in different cities. Therefore, just as when businessmen carry their important documents in a briefcase when traveling, professional cooks also need some way to carry their important work tools with them while traveling. That is why at, we have compiled a great selection of knife bags and knife cases of excellent quality!

Discover our great variety of knife casesA knife case or a knife bag is an essential accessory for every professional cook, because it helps them carry their personal knives and other kitchen utensils in a safe, comfortable way. However, this doesn’t mean that you must be a professional cook in order to own a knife bag or a knife case. They can also be useful for domestic and hobby cooks who like keeping their kitchen tools very well stored and organized at all times. They are also ideal for students at culinary schools, because if a student goes to school with a backpack, then culinary students also deserve their own special type of bag.

Store and carry your knives inside a knife case...

Our collection includes bags and cases of all sizes and designs. The knife cases are usually made of hard polymer. They look like a hard-surface briefcase, and they can be easily carried by holding their strong handle. The interior of most knife cases is made of foam, which is a material that allows your kitchen knives and other tools to be protected against impacts that your case might receive.



...or inside a knife bag!

On the other hand, knife bags (although some people might also call them “knife cases”) are characterised for their flexibility. Usually made of some sort of textile fabric or reinforced nylon, the knife bags can have several flaps where you can store your kitchen tools and even some important documents.

Some of the bags are pliable, and they can be “rolled out” and extended when is being opened. These bags are often called “roll bags”. They are usually secured with closing clips, and when you unfasten those clips, the bag can be extended and you can have easy access to your knives and tools.

Wide range of knife bags

Most knife bags have reinforced handles that let you carry them wherever you go. Those handles tend to have a firm grip that feels comfortable on your hand. In addition, some bags also include shoulder straps, so it is even easier and more comfortable to carry your most important kitchen tools.

For both knife bags and knife cases, we have the right one for each different type of professional cook. For instance, we have several bags and cases special for butchers that are furnished with tools like butcher saws, butcher knives, and meat hooks.

Moreover, we also have a great variety of bags and cases specially equipped for bakers. In them, you can find tools such as rolling pins, pastry knives, dough scrapers, and other baking tools.

However, if you need something to store and carry the kitchen knives and tools that you already have, we also have an extensive collection of empty bags of great quality. You can find them with capacities ranging from 6 knives to 34 knives. Some of the bags can even carry knives with blades of up to 30cm long!

We can assure you that carrying your kitchen knives has never been so easy! Now, it is your turn to prove it and see it for yourself with one of the knife bags and cases available on our website!