Tojiro Japanese knives


Manufactured in Japan but used all around the world, Tojiro kitchen knives are the clear example that advanced technology is not the only factor needed for creating knives of outstanding and long-lasting quality. Using traditional Japanese know-how and top-quality materials to make its knives, Tojiro is a Japanese brand highly appreciated by professional and domestic cooks who are fans of sharp blades and beautiful designs. Since its foundation in 1955, Tojiro has dazzled the world with the quality and performance of its Japanese knives. Great part of the success of Tojiro knives is the excellence of their blades, which in most cases are made of VG10 steel: one of the strongest types of steel used in kitchen knives.

The large selection of Tojiro knives available on our website adapts to all the different needs or preferences that you might have. For example, you can find knives with wooden handles as well as others with riveted handles. Likewise, you can find different types of knives for cutting different types of foods (i.e. deba knives for cutting fish, paring knives for vegetables, etc). Do not waste any more time and choose the Tojiro knife that pleases you the most so that you can enjoy the great quality of Japanese cutlery in your kitchen!

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