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Wusaki Knife Bags

Welcome to our category of Wusaki knife bags! In this page, you'll find all the different bags for cooks proposed by the brand Wusaki. Empty or with knives, here you can find the Wusaki knife bag that will best fit your needs. If what you need is bag that comes with kitchen knives in it, you can choose between the bag from the Damas VG10 series or the one from the Pakka X50 series. Both bags have 5 knives in it, which are the following: paring knife, utility knife, santoku knife, chef knife, and carving knife. On the other hand, if you look for a bag where you can store the knives that you already have in your kitchen, you can also choose one the Wusaki empty bags. One of them hs space for upt 21 knives and accessories, and the other one is designed as a roll bag with space for 9 kitchen knives. Whichever bag you choose, you can be sure and confident that you'll be getting a bag of great quality at a price that is difficult to match!