Share your culinary passions with the world and become our partner!

If you are passionate about the culinary world and you like to share your thoughts in your own blog, Youtube channel, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account, and you are looking for a partnership to write about your passion, you have come to the right place ;)

Discover all the ways in which you can become our partner by talking about our products: write an article, make a contest, test our products, take some pictures... we'll let you have a look at all the options and see which is the best one for you !

Write an article and win discount vouchers!

Have you written an article about a product that you bought on our website? If the answer is yes, send us the link to the article! Our team will offer you a discount voucher that you will be able to use on the next order that you place on our website, and we'll also share your article through our Facebook page!


Take beautiful pictures and send them to us!

Is taking photos one of your biggest passions? Have you posted a picture of one our products on your Instagram account? The team of MyChefKnives loves seeing beautiful pictures of our products being used by our customers! Do not hesitate to send us your most beautiful photos, and we will share them on our Instagram account and also offer you a discount voucher !


Test our kitchen knives!

Do you have a lot of fans and followers in your social media accounts? Are you considered to be an "influencer" by your own community? Good news: you can have the opportunity to test one of our Japanese knives or any other type of kitchen knives! 

The deal is simple: We send you a product for free, you can test it in your kitchen, then you talk about the product to your fans and followers through an article on your blog, through a video on Youtube or through any other social media channel.


Organize a contest to win one of our products!

Do you want to offer a prize to your fans through a contest in your social media? Make us a request so that we can offer one of our products to the the winner of the contest! If you are frequently active in social media and you have a big amount of fans and followers, your request will most likely be accepted :)


To send us the link of your article, your pictures, or any request to become our partner, send us an email at ! Be as precise as possible in your request so that we can reply to you in the best way possible ;)


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