Wusaki sharpening stones

Wusaki whetstones

Discover in this page all the Wusaki whetstones available at MyChefKnives! These high quality sharpening stones are very effective and you can get them at super competitive prices! With these whetstones, you'll be able to maintain the blades of your kitchen knives and keep them always sharp so that you can enjoy their great cutting performance whilst preparing your foods. In our collection of Wusaki whetstones, you can find a wide range of grit levels that adapt to all the different types of knives that you might need to sharpen. For dull knives, you can find stones with grit as low as 240, and for knives with ultra rigid blades, you can find stones with grit as high as 8000.

It is important to mention that all Wusaki sharpening stones are sold with a black silicone stand where you can place the stone and ensure a stable and safe usage. Moreover, all Wusaki whetstones have a double face design that enables you to do a more complete sharpening and thus get better and more durable results. So go ahead and choose the right whetstone for your kitchen and enjoy the unmatched price-quality ratio offered by Wusaki here on MyChefKnives!