Sabatier Saveur knife series


Immerse yourself into the world of high-quality cutlery by trying the products from the Saveur series, one of the most elegant and efficient knife ranges ever made by Sabatier. Every single knife from this range is made in Thiers, the capital of French cutlery, with the finest materials and latest technology available in the industry. As a result, these knives have a great combination of excellent cutting performance and beautiful design that is highly appreciated by professional chefs and hobby cooks all around the world. The main features present in these knives are their 100% forged stainless steel blades reinforced with nitrogen and their beautiful and elegant handles made of compressed wood. These features allow the Sabatier Saveur knives to have outstanding cutting performance and a dazzling look that you will enjoy having in your kitchen. So, what are you waiting for? Choose now your favourite Saveur knife from our collection and equip your kitchen with the best quality!

What the Saveur series has to offer

High-quality knives from the Saveur seriesWe at MyChefKnives know about the importance of having the right knife for each cutting task, and that is why we have selected for you the best collection of products from the Sabatier Saveur series. With all the Saveur knives present on our website you can be 100% sure that there is no cutting task in your kitchen that you won’t be able to accomplish. In case that you wonder how is this possible, we have prepared a small briefing about what the Sabatier Saveur knives can offer to your daily cooking routine. Below, we provide you with all the necessary information about the main functions that these knives can perform and the main characteristics that make them so special.

To begin with, so that you can start having an idea about what these knives stands for and how did they become one of the best ever produced by Sabatier, it is important to notice that there are some crucial characteristics that are common to every single knife from the Saveur series. For instance, each single Sabatier Saveur knife is characterised by its superb design, outstanding cutting performance and dazzling beauty, which are definitely mind-blowing. 

Let's talk about one of the most important parts of a knife. Any guess? Well, this one is easy… it’s the blade. This, in fact, is the most intuitive thing that comes out of our minds when we think of a knife, and that’s why is so Important to have a kitchen knife with a top-quality blade. In the case of the Saveur knives, the blades are made of a high-quality material : N4116 Nitro+ stainless steel. This type of steel is responsible for the blades' incredibly high level of strength, durability and resistance to corrosion. Furthermore, the blades are entirely forged from a single piece of steel, meaning that the blades passed through a process in which the piece of steel is stamped at a temperature of 1100 degrees Celsius with the use of a specially made press to give it its final shape. This whole procedure makes the blade have a fantastic robustness, solidity and endurance.

Now, being as important as the blades, let's talk about the handles. They indeed are another part that contributes directly to the excellent cutting performance of the Saveur Knives. In fact, the handles are not only super efficient but also super, super, really beautiful (we truly like them).  They are made of stamina wood which is a material that is highly resistant over time. Its red brown colour gives a touch of warmth to your kitchen décor due to its rustic, elegant look. Also, its great durability is further guaranteed by its three brass crossing rivets, which ensure the overall balance, making the knives super easy to use. And last but not least, the handles have been designed with an ergonomic shape that provides an excellent grip allowing you to have perfect control and comfort for cutting your ingredients.

Kitchen knives offered by the Sabatier Saveur series at MyChefKnives

After taking a look at the selection of the Saveur kitchen knives offered at MyChefKnives, you can notice that we've selected a complete variety of kitchen knives, and for that reason we are positive that that you are going to be able to find the knife that you need in an easy and fast way. Indeed, within the Sabatier Saveur series you can find the main types of knives that any cook might need to have an efficient and pleasant experience while preparing delicious meals.

When exploring the collection of knives from the Sabatier Saveur series, you can quickly notice that there is a knife for almost every different type of ingredient that might need to cut. For instance, the paring knives, chef knives and santoku knives are the type of kitchen knives that are extremely important for the daily routine thanks to their remarkable versatility and functionality. Indeed, the knives mentioned above are capable of performing the great majority of tasks in your kitchen while preparing your meals.

On the other hand, there are knives that are more specific to determined ingredients and foods. If, for example, you love eating fish and preparing fish fillets, then the filleting knife is highly recommended for you. But in case you need one tool that can cut big pieces of meat, then the carving knife is the right one for the mission. Moreover, if you need elegant and sharp knives for equipping your dining table, the steak knives are the right choice. And finally, to peel round fruits and vegetables, there is the peeling knife with beak-shaped blade which is super efficient and easy to use.

There is no doubt that the products from the Sabatier Saveur series are going to fulfill all of your expectations when it comes to performance and quality. These knives are made in Thiers with the traditional French know-how in the field of cutlery combined with the use of the finest materials and the latest technology available in the industry. In fact, these knives are made not only with the purpose of having the best cutting performance but also to give you a delightful experience in the kitchen with such beautiful style. Since the very first use of these knives you can feel that each part is put together in such sophisticated way that is impossible to be disappointed.

What are you waiting to experience such high level of quality in your kitchen? At MyChefKnives you can find all the top-quality kitchen tools and accessories for professional chefs and hobby cooks from the most respected brands in the world!