Tamahagane Bamboo Kyoto knives

Bamboo Kyoto

Find here all the knives from the Bamboo Kyoto knife series from the Japanese brand Tamahagane. Let yourself be amazed by the beauty and outstanding quality of these Japanese kitchen knives. All the Tamahagane Bamboo Kyoto knives have gorgeous damascus blades with a VG5 steel core that attains a hardness level of 61 HRC in the Rockwell scale. With such hard blades, you can be sure that your cuts will be clean and precise, and the blades will keep a razor sharp edge for a long time. The handles of these knives are made of stainless steel, and their design has been meticulously worked so that each handle looks like a bamboo stem. 

It doesn't require much thought: a kitchen knife from the Bamboo Kyoto collection is a smart investment that will start proving its value since the very first cut! Choose yours now and let the Japanese quality invade your kitchen!