Kanetsugu Saiun Japanese knives


Discover in this page all the Kanetsugu Saiun knives available on MyChefKnives! Thes Japanese knives are a good representation of the well-known Japanese quality in the field of cutlery. The damascus blade of every Kanetsugu Saiun knife has a VG10 steel core with 1% of carbon content, which is an alloy highly admired in the cutlery industry. Thanks to the high hardness of this type of steel, the blade's edge can have an excellent cutting performance and remains sharp for long time. The core is then convered by 32 superimposed layers of of a steel that is softer than the VG10 steel. In the end, the blade of the Kanetsugu Saiun knife is made of 65 layers (32 layers surrounding the core), and this is visible with the wavy lines on the blade's surface. As for the handles of the Kanetusugu Saiun knives, they are made of micarta, which is a material resistant to humidity and changes in temperature. Therefore, it is a safe material to be used in any kitchen. We're sure that you'll love the dazzling design of these beautiful knives! To find find more similar knife ranges, do not hesitate to go have a look at the complete selection of Kanetsugu kitchen knives available on our website!