Sabatier Edonist series


Plunge into the world of top-quality cutlery with one of the newest knife ranges from Sabatier : the Edonist series. The Sabatier Edonist series proposes knives that are suitable for professional and domestic use. These knives are 100% forged, hence they are solid and have an optimal balanced weight between the blade and the handle. Characterised by their elegant design and exceptional cutting performance, all the knives from the Edonist series are manufactured in Thiers : the French capital of cutlery. With high-quality blades made of stainless steel and fine-looking handles made of ABS, Sabatier Edonist knives are great representatives of the worldwide known French cutlery. There is an Edonist knife for every different use in the kitchen, so get yours now and enjoy preparing your favourite meals like you never did before!

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Sabatier Edonist Knives : Yes, they are real!

Sabatier excels at being one of the most popular and prestigious brands of kitchen knives in the world. Surpassing the great quality of Sabatier knives was already difficult, but with the creation of the Edonist series, Sabatier has put the bar even higher. Never before have so much elegance been put into a kitchen knife while still preserving its high level of performance. The Sabatier Edonist knives are truly dreamed kitchen tools that inspire admiration and desire to all cooks regardless of whether they are professional or not. But why? What makes this knife range to be so special? Let us explain you...

Fall in love with the beauty of the Edonist series!- Elegance in its purest form

Undoubtedly, the first thing of any Edonist knife that will catch the attention of your eyes is its beautiful and classy look. The fine aesthetics of all Sabatier Edonist knives add a touch of elegance to your kitchen decoration. We believe that great part of what makes the look of these knives be so neat is thanks to their good-looking handles. They are made of ABS; a synthetic material of high quality widely used in several types of kitchen utensils due to its durability. 

However, despite the fact that several kitchen knives in the market also have handles made of ABS, the handles of Edonist knives succeed to have a smooth, polished surface that highlights the refined look the entire knife. In addition, the ergonomic, cutting-edge design of the handles is something unseen in kitchen knives before, and that is what makes these knives so original and authentic.

- Superior cutting performance

Of course, the look is not enough to define the quality and the value of a kitchen knife. Fortunately, Sabatier Edonist knives are much more than just beautiful kitchen utensils; they are knives with an outstadinging cutting performance that lets you cut food with great ease and precision. Using a knife from the Edonist series turns the preparation of your meals into one of your preferred activities of every day. 

The impressive cutting performance of Edonist knives would not be possible if these knives didn't have such blades of high quality. The Edonist series offers kitchen knives with blades made of a type of stainless steel that is reinforced with nitrogen, which together with the composition of chromium-vanadium-molybdenium, makes the blades resistant to corrosion and extends their durability.

- Fully forged knives: maximum solidity

If there is another thing that distinguishes all the knives from the Sabatier Edonist series besides their look and their cutting performance is their great solidity because they are 100% forged. This means that Edonist knives are made from a single round steel bar that is heated and compressed at 1100 °C until it forms a bubble. Next, the shape of the knife is stamped on the bubble formed in the previous step. Finally, the shape of the knife is cut out resulting in a single piece of steel that represents the entire backbone of the knife. This explains why Sabatier Edonist knives have such great balance between the handle and the blade.

And voilà ! Now you know why the Edonist series is so special and why its knives are so desired by professional and hobby cooks around the world. This knife range offers you a knife for every different use in your kitchen: bread knife, chef knife, paring knife, carving knife, and more! We are done explaining you why buying an Edonist knife is one of the best investments that you can make for your kitchen. Now it is your turn to choose the great quality of French cutlery and get the knife that best fulfills your needs and preferences.