Price match guarantee

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Since the 18th of December 2020, we have stopped our business due to the end of Brexit transition period. For more information, please click here.


If after having bought a product on the website , you find, within 24 hours after you placed the order, the same product at a lower price, shipping fees included, on a different UK based website, MyChefKnives will refund you the price difference.



By price of the product, we refer to the price that appears on the product’s profile of the website, but the price should not include any sort of discount or special offer. That price will be compared with the final price paid at, shipping fees included.

The refund of the price difference is subject to the following conditions:

-          It must be the exact same product: new, same brand, same model, same packaging

-          The selling conditions of the product must be the same (online shopping, similar shipping transportation)

-         The period of availability of the product must be clearly stated on the product’s profile, and it must not be 10 days more than the number of days stated on If it is not in stock, then it does not apply for the price match guarantee.

-          The final price from the compared website, in order to be valid, must include all the shipping costs, must be lower than the price offered at, and the website must be from the United Kingdom.



Our policy of price-matching does not include:

-          Products with discounts or special offers (only the base price or the RRSP price is accepted for comparison)

-          Products from auction sites or classified ads or non-market-websites showcases or marketplace websites

-          Deliveries outside the United Kingdom’s mainland


Steps to get the refund of the price difference

If you have found, on a different website from the United Kingdom, a product less expensive and that meets all the conditions explained above, you can contact us know within 48 hours after you placed the order by following these steps:

-     Send us a message notifying us your request of price match. You can do it by sending an email to or by using our Contac page

-     Your message must include:

  • The reference number of the product
  • A link to the product of the other website (not the home page but the page of the product)
  • The price displayed on the product’s profile
  • The cost of shipping fees

*All price match requests must be made AFTER having placed the order on our website. Request for price matching a product before it has been ordered on our website will not be accepted.


Receiving the refund

If the conditions mentioned above have been met, promises to refund you the price difference within a period of 10 to 20 days.

-          If you paid by credit or debit card: the refund will be made to the same card 

-          If you paid by Paypal: the refund will be issued to the same Paypal account


Last updated: 15/01/2021