Tamahagane Japanese knives


Discover the great quality of Japanese cutlery with the Tamahagane knives! These kitchen knives are made in Japan in a factory that has existed for the last 6 centuries. During all those years, the acquired expertise has allowed the brand to create knives of truly high quality. Each blade is made with a core of VG5 steel, which is a high-end type of steel characterised for its remarkable solidity and durability. 

Tamahagane is actually the name of the steel traditionally used in the production of Japanese sabers, so let that give you an idea of how sharp are the Tamahagane knives in this page! Here you can find the most common models of Japanese knives such as the nakiri knife, the santoku knife, and many more. Each knife is sold in a nice, elegant box, which makes it perfect for a gift. So do not hesitate anymore and get your Tamahagane knife here on MyChefKnives!