Professional kitchen knives

Professional knives

For all the passionate cooks who work in any of the professional fields related to food preparation, this page is for you! Welcome to our large collection of professional kitchen knives of excellent quality. In here, you will find the right tools for getting your job done in the most effective and efficient way. The team of MyChefKnives has put together for you a great selection of knives of numerous sizes, designs, functions, and prices. Whether you are a butcher, a chef, a cheesemonger, a fishmonger, or a baker, we offer you professional knives of the great quality that you and your kitchen deserve !

In our extensive variety of options, you can find professional knives and accessories from some of the best brands in the world of cutlery such as: Wusthof, Victorinox, FISCHER, and more! Do not hesitate anymore and choose the knife that best fits your needs and preferences. Only a few clicks separate you from being able to equip your kitchen with the best professional quality. Shop now!

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Professional knives: maximum endurance and superior quality

Cut like a chef with our professional knives!Just as a magician needs a good magic wand to perform his magic tricks, cooks also need good knives and utensils to be able to perform the best dishes. Especially if cooks do what they do because is their profession, they need to use knives of professional quality that can withstand the exigencies of busy kitchens. The market is full of several beautiful kitchen knives of good quality that are perfect for preparing your daily meals at home, but in order to perform in professional kitchens, the knives need to have something extra. That something extra should make them durable and resistant over time despite being used intensively for several hours during every day of the week. It is simple: what professional cooks need is professional knives. 

You need to be careful though, because the word "professional" is nowadays being used massively in the names of several products just for purposes of marketing. Before choosing a knife, you need to know what differentiates a truly professional knife from the rest, and that involves more than simply looking at the name tag of the knife to see if you can find the word "professional." To help you figure out what defines the professional quality of a knife, the team of MyChefKnives has prepared this text for you:

What makes a professional kitchen knife truly professional?

The best way to differentiate between a common kitchen knife and a professional one is to analyze the characteristics and features that most (if not all) professional knives have in common. These characteristics might not seem so obvious for a home or hobby cook, but if you are chef, a butcher, or a baker, these characteristics are what help you do your job in better and most efficient way.

- Endurance

When you work in a professional kitchen, you certainly do not want a knife with a blade that will break after a couple of usages. You want robustness, strength, and durability, and all that is possible if your knife has high endurance. This is a key feature of any professional knife, because professional knives are often used intensively, meaning that they must "survive" long work days without backing up. 

No kitchen knife or accessory is eternal, but if made with the right materials, it can have long lifespan. For example, the blades of professional knives are often made of top-quality stainless steel with great resistance to corrosion, so there is less risk of the knife becoming useless due to oxidation. When it comes to the handle, most professional knives have handles made of strong and durable synthetic materials of high quality that have hygienc properties and are resistant to strokes. Some of the most used synthetic materials used in handles are polypropylene, POM, and ABS.

- Ergonomic design

Professional cooks use their knives and tools intensively, so their hands are naturally going to become tired of holding the knives for extended periods of time. For that reason, it is important for every professional kitchen knife to have an ergonomic design that can reduce the fatigue of the hand due to the intensive use. In simpler words, a professional knife needs to be comfortable to use, because otherwise, no cook would like to use it during an entire work day.

To determine if a knife has an ergonomic design, it is sometimes not enough to look at it. In fact, it is more important to feel it, because only by holding a knife is that you can know if it has a comfortable and solid grip that would allow you to do your job effectively and efficiently. This is why several professional knives have handles with carefully studied designs that adapt perfectly to the shape of your hand. Others, like the knives from the Fischer Sandvik series, have soft-touch and non-slip surfaces that make the usage of the knife much more pleasant and comfortable.

The professional knives that you need are here at MyChefKnives !

Now that you know the characteristics that define the professional quality of a knife, it is now time for you to find the right type of professional knife for your job. Fortunately, you will not have to go looking around the entire internet to find the right knife for you, because MyChefKnives has put them all together in this page for you! Our collection of professional knives and accessories is so extensive that to make the search easier for you, we have divided them into 4 different categories depending on your specific profession:

- Butchers

Buy butcher knives at MyChefKnivesIn the world of meat-processing, there is no space for fragile knives and accessories. To cut and deal with big pieces of meat, butchers cannot use the same type of knives that a home cook will use to prepare lunch or supper. Instead, butchers need strong and specialized knives that are exclusively designed for the different types of cuts that are performed during all the different stages of meat-processing. Below, you can see the main types of butcher knives and tools that you can find on our website:

Butcher knives

The most used type of knife by butchers. Ideal for cutting raw pieces of meat.

Skinning knives

Ideal for cutting the nerves and the tendons in big pieces of meat.

Boning knives

The perfect knife for removing the meat around the bones.

Cleavers / Choppers

Robust, heavy, and strong. Perfect for separating boned joints.

Butcher saws

Great for cutting carcasses and dealing with frozen pieces of meat.

Tripe knives

As its name suggests, it the ideal knife for removing tripes.

- Bakers

For preparing the cakes and pastries that we all love, it is also necessary to use the right knives and utensils to guarantee the best results. Although bakers are not so known for using knives intensively, there are some types of special knives that are a must-have for professional bakers. For example, here on our website you can find pastry knives that are ideal for cutting cakes, muffins, and other types of pastries. However, we know that bakers need much more than pastry knives to do their job, and that is why we also offer you a great variety of baking accessories where you can find cake moulds, dough scrapers, cake rings, rolling pins, brushes, spatulas, cookie cutters, and much more!

Professional chefs buy knives on our website!- Cheesemongers

If you love cheese as much as we do, our collection of cheese knives will meet all your expectations! We have everything that a cheesemonger might need to cut all types of cheese. Mozzarella, parmesan, gouda, blue cheese, cheddar... regardless of which type of cheese you prefer, our collection has the right tools for you. With one handle for the smaller cheeses or with two handles for bigger cheeses, the cheese knives offered on our wesbite are of truly professional quality!

- Fishmongers

Preparing fish is also a task that requires the use of special knives and accessories. From the process of removing the scales until the process of filleting the fish, professional fishmongers need tools of professional quality to make their job easier. Here at MyChefKnives, you can find special knives such as salmon knives, filleting knives, serrated fish knives, and even oyster knives. Furthermore, our collection of fishmonger tools also include professional accessories such as fish shears, sea urchin shears, fish scalers, and more!

- Chefs

For all the Gordon Ramseys and Jamie Olivers of this world, MyChefKnives also has the kitchen knives that can help them create the most delicious dishes. Unlike butchers, cheesemongers, and fishmongers; who use more specialized types of knives, professional chefs use more "common" types of kitchen knives such as paring knives, chef knives, santoku knives, carving knives, etc. However, despite using more common types of kitchen knives, chefs also demand professional quality from their knives, because unlike home cooks, they will be using them intensively in busy kitchens. 

On our website, you can find kitchen knives for professional cooks from some of the most prestigious brands in the world such as Sabatier, Kai, and Wusthof. Although the products from these brands are very common in home kitchens, they also offer ranges of knives of such high quality that they are also perfect to be used in restaurants. A clear example is the Classic series from Wusthof, which offers top-quality kitchen knives used by professional cooks around the entire world.

We thank you for having read all the way until here, but now is time to put hands into action. You have been informed about the vast selection of professional knives available on our website, so now it is your turn to equip your kitchen with the best professional quality! The world is awaiting the great flavour of your dishes, so hurry up and shop now!