Shizu Hamono Yuri Yamato Japanese knives

Yuri Yamato

Discover the Japanese knives from the Shizu Hamono Yuri Yamato collection! This knife range is divided in two different designs: the knives with a ligh coloured handle (Yuri) and the knive with dark handles (Yamato). Both types of knives are made with high-quality materials that enable you to use your knives for a long time. The blades are made with San Mai steel structure that consists of 3 different layers of steel (1 layer at the core and the other layer folded in 2 around the core). The core is made of AUS8 Japanese steel enriched with carbon, molybdenum and vanadium. The top layer is made of SUS1A-1 steel. Although both the Yuri and Yamato knives have the same type of blade construction, the Yamato blades also have a hammered finish that differentiates them from the Yuri blades. The handles of both models are made of laminated wood, and their design is suitable for both right and left handed cooks.