Evercut kitchen knives


As a result of 5 years of Research and Development, the EVERCUT kitchen knife appeared in the market to change the concepts of long-lasting sharpness forever. If the name of the range does not give you a clue, we can assure you that Evercut knives have a cutting performance that outperforms even the most sharp knives on the market. The edge of these knives was created with the use of high-end technology. In fact, a laser beam with an instant temperature of 4000°C was used to melt titanium carbide (an ultra hard material) along the edge of the stainless steel blade to guarantee its impressively long durability. The edge is then sharpened with diamond wheels, which is the only type of material truly capable of sharpening the blades of EVERCUT knives. 

These are truly unique kitchen knives. Whether you are a professional or a home cook, you'll be astonished by the incredible performance of these knives' blades. Their cutting performance is 300 to 400 times more durable than normal steel blades and 3 to 5 times more durable than ceramic blades. Do not hesitate anymore and equip your kitchen with knives like you've never seen before. Get your EVERCUT knife now!

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