A different knife for each need in your kitchen

All different types of knives!


Your kitchen probably has a great variety of food ingredients, and each ingredient requires its specific utensils to be prepared in a proper way. That is why at MyChefKnives.co.uk we offer you a wide range of knives for all the cutting tasks that you might have in your kitchen. We have classified our knives by usage so that it is easier for you to know which knife to get.

Here are some of the most popular types of kitchen knives:


Paring Knife:

Characterised by a short blade, this knife is perfect for cutting fruits and vegetables. It is a very handy knife that also allows you cut your favorite fruits and vegetables in decorative ways. It is definitely a must-have in your kitchen!

Peeling Knife:

Small knife usually equipped with a beak-shaped blade. The shape of the blade makes it the perfect knife for peeling round ingredients such as potatoes and apples.

Utility Knife:

Known for its versatility, this knife is ideal for performing a great variety of cutting tasks in your kitchen such as cutting onions and fine herbs. It is one of those knives that every kitchen must have! 

Tomato Knife:

The main characteristic that makes this knife the perfect tool to cut tomatoes is its blade, which has a serrated edge that can easily cut through the skin of tomatoes. 

Decorating Knife:

This knife allows you to cut your vegetables, whether cooked or not, in creative and decorative ways. Everyone loves a meal with a good presentation :) 

Steak Knife:

Also known as “table knife”, this knife is equipped with a super sharp blade which is ideal for cutting steaks and other types of meats. It is a must-have in every dining table. You can find them with plain and serrated edges. 

Boning Knife:

This is the perfect knife for removing fat and tendons from the meat. It is one of the favourite knives of all professional butchers. 

Filleting knife:

Equipped with a flexible blade, this knife enables you to prepare very thin fish and meat fillets. The superior sharpness of the blade guarantees very precise cuts. 

Bread Knife:

The serrated edge of this knife’s blade enables you to easily cut and slice bread regardless of whether its crust is hard or soft. 

Carving Knife:

When dealing with big pieces of meat, ham, or roasts, this knife is your best option. It is considered to be the slicing knife par excellence. 

Chef Knife:

There is no knife more polyvalent than a chef knife. Also known as “cook knife”, this knife is able to cut almost every type of food: fruits, vegetables, meats, and more! 

Salmon knife:

This knife is specially designed to cut and prepare salmon fillets with great precision. It is distinguished by its long, flexible blade with razor sharp edge. 




Knives are probably the most used utensils in your kitchen, but there are also other tools which are truly important to have. These are some examples:



Equipped with a long, flexible blade, this tool is perfect for flipping pancakes, crepes, and hamburger steaks.

Carving fork:

This tool is perfect for holding the roasts and other big pieces of meat while you are cutting them. It is also useful at barbecues for serving the food. 

Sharpening steel:

After being used intensively for a certain period of time, knives tend to lose some of their sharpness. Fortunately, you can recover and give back the sharp edge to your kitchen knives by using a sharpening steel. 




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Different types of kitchen knives