Deglon Profil Pro knives

Profil Pro

Welcome to the Deglon Profil Pro knives page on! Made in France, the Deglon Profil Pro knives are designed to meet the needs of all the professionals in the meat industry. Whether it is to slaughter meat or to bleed out livestock, these knives are perfect for a normal day in a butcher's life. This range consists of sticking knives, butcher knives, and skinning knives. Moreover, all the knives from this range are sterilizable, ergonomic and resistant. The blades of this range are made of molybdenum stainless steel. Therefore, these blades are more resistant to corrosion and high temperatures than standard stainless steel blades. All the handles of these knives comply with HACCP safety regulations, which means they are sterilizable and can be used in professional kitchens with full confidence.

The Deglon Profile Pro knife collection offers the knives the every butcher need. Start cutting meat effortlessly and equip your kitchen with knives of truly professional quality!