Shapton sharpening stones

Shapton whetstones

Welcome to the collection of Shapton whetstones on MyChefKnives! The whetstone (or sharpening stone) is an essential kitchen accessory. It is ideal for maintaining and keeping sharp the blades of your kitchen knives. These whetstones from the brand Shapton have a great durability and they provide fast results. Some of them have a high content of ceramic, which enables you to avoid soaking the stone in water before its usage as it is needed with most standard whetstones.

The stands sold with the sharpening stones are really useful for holding the stone during the sharpening process. Thanks to its non-slip feet, they remain stable, thus they ensure a more secure usage of the stones. Shapton is a brand with a great reputation in Japan, and its whetstones are widely popular in that country. So do not hesitate anymore and choose the Shapton sharpening stone that corresponds the best to your needs!