Choosing the right bag for your kitchen knives 

Which is the best bag or case for your knives?

Wherever they work, professional cooks tend to use their own knives because of their familiarity with their beloved tools, but to transport those knives in a safe and convenient way is not a simple task. This is the reason why every chef has to own a knife bag or a knife case to safely transport and store their kitchen knives. A bag or a case not only facilitates the transport of the knives, but it also provides a safe storage in which your blades will remain well protected.

For chefs on the go, students in culinary schools, or even for passionate home cooks, a knife bag is simply indispensable. In addition to kitchen knives, in a knife bag or case you can store a wide range of tools such as peelers, scrapers, scissors, and more! In order for you to choose the right one for your needs and preferences, below we've listed for you the main points that you should take into consideration before purchasing a new bag or case.


1. Capacity: how many slots in the bag?

This is the most important aspect for choosing a knife bag. After all, you are going to buy a bag that can store all your kitchen knives and tools (or at least your most useful ones). It is always recommended to buy a knife bag with more slots than required so that you can have space left for knives that you might add to your collection in the future. Here on our website you can find bags and cases for all needs. We have everything from roll bags with only 4 slots to bigger bags with 17 slots such as the Kai Shun Professional Knife Bag. It must be mentioned that some bags might also have special pockets to store other types of accessories such as whetstones, spatulas, and even aprons.


2. Size: need a big or a small case?

A cleaver is bigger than a paring knife. Therefore, if you want to store and carry your clever, you need a bigger case. A chef knife, a slicing knife, or a salmon knife has a blade that is longer than a standard utility knife or a paring knife. Hence, the size of your tools and the length of their blades is something important to take into consideration before buying a knife bag. Depending on what you need to store, you can simply get a just a small canvas roll bag, or you can get a sturdy backpack.


3. Closure: zipper or snap button?

It depends on how you use the bag. Ideally, it is always necessary to choose a bag that is easy to open and close. However, for instance, if you are a culinary student, you might want to get a case that can be closed with a lock to make sure no one else take a knife out of your bag by mistake (or intentionally... you never know). The choices are numerous: clips, snap buttons, hook-and-loop fasteners, and zippers are among the different closures that you can find in a knife bag. For choosing, your preference should be prioritized.


4. Material: should it be rigid or flexible?

It is always advisable to choose a bag that is made of good quality materials, but on top of the quality of the material, you should also pay attention to whether it is a solid or a flexible material. It is a matter of preference but also of need. If you simply need something to carry your 5 favourite knives to the kitchen where you work, a simple bag made of nylon might be enough to guarantee the safety of your knives. Nonetheless, if you are butcher who needs to store his or her meat saw, it is perhaps better to opt for a solid knife case with a rigid exterior.


5. Brand: the same one of your kitchen knives?

Just as it is the case with kitchen knives, the brand usually tells you a lot about the quality and the price of the bag. However, do not fall in the trap of assuming that only the expensive bags are the ones of truly good quality. A cheaper knife bag from a less known brand might as well do the job! Moreover, you are not obliged to get a bag from the same brand of your kitchen knives as most knife bags have standard designs that fit all types of knives. On our website you can find bags and cases from major brands such as Kai, Wusthof, Fischer, and Sabatier.



If you still cannot decide which knife bag or knife case to buy for your kitchen knives, do not panic. You can always contact our Customer Service, and we'll gladly help you out with such important decision. You can do it by using our Contact page or by sending us an email to


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