Arcos 2900 professional knives

2900 series

For butchers, fishmongers, and all sorts of professional cooks, the knives from the Arcos 2900 series are a great option for their kitchens! These professional kitchen knives are designed to withstand intensive use in busy kitchens. All the Arcos 2900 knives are made in Albacete, Spain, and they all have a 10 year manufacturer's warranty, which is a clear proof od their professional quality. 

The blades of these knives are made of NITRUM stainless steel, and their handles are made of a high quality synthetic material that is resistant to extrem temperatures ranging from -120 to 130°C. Their ergonomic design makes them a perfect fit for cooks who need to use their knives for several hours in a daily basis. Therefore, if you look for a truly professional knife for your kitchen at an affordable price, the Arcos 2900 series offers you what you need!