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Wasabi Black

Discover our large collection of kitchen knives from the Wasabi Black series! This range of knives is made by the famous Japanese brand KAI. The Wasabi Black series offers kitchen knives of an exceptional quality that are manufactured with a combination the traditional Japanese know-how and the latest technology available in the cutlery industry. All the knives of the Wasabi Black series are characterised for having black handles and polished blades made of stainless steel. Their impressive cutting performance meets the expectations of home and professional cooks.

The great quality of these knives have led the Wasabi Black series to become one of the most popular ranges of Japanese kitchen knives in the world! That is why here at MyChefKnives we are proud to offer you the entire collection of Kai Wasabi Black knives. They look good in your screen, but we assure you that they would look much better in your kitchen, so choose yours now and equip your kitchen with the best of Japanese cutlery!

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KAI Wasabi Black: the Japanese quality that your kitchen deserves

Japanese knife from the Wasabi Black seriesYou've seen them on TV. You've heard renowned chefs talk about them. You've read that their history dates back to the Samurai era. Yes, Japanese knives are indeed a desired and highly appreciated species in the fascinating world of cutlery. The reason? Japanese knives are known around the world for the remarkable sharpness of their blades and the dazzling beauty of their designs. Here at MyChefKnives, we totally confirm that premise. Every kitchen deserves to have at least one Japanese knife of great quality in it, but the problem to make that possible has always been the price... until now. Preventing you from getting an authentic Japanese knife of superior quality because of its cost is not a valid excuse anymore, and that is thanks to the Wasabi Black series!

The Wasabi Black series is a range of Japanese kitchen knives produced by the brand Kai. This brand is known worldwide for the impressive quality of all its products. Both professional chefs and hobby cooks appreciate Kai Japanese knives because they are made with materials of superior quality that are put together using part of the old Samurai know-how in their manufacturing processes to offer you sharp knives that make your cooking routine more pleasant. KAI developed the Wasabi Black knife range with the purpose of offering cooks from all the world Japanese knives of truly great quality at affordable prices. Therefore, with the Wasabi Black series, even if you don't have a big budget, you are still able to enjoy Japanese quality in your own kitchen!

What is so great about the Kai Wasabi Black knives?

By now, you are already aware that one of the things that makes the Wasabi Black series so popular is the great price of its knives. However, there is much more than that. The knives themselves are tools of great quality that anyone would love to have in the kitchen. As with any kitchen knife, the main parts that define the quality (and also the beauty) of a knife are the blade and the handle. Therefore, so that you can understand what makes Wasabi Black knives so great, here we give you a brief explanation of their blades and handles:

- The blade:

Sharp and durable, The blades of Kai Wasabi Black kitchen knives are made and designed to make cutting tasks easier. Honoring the well-known reputation of Japanese knives, the blade is characterised for a high level of sharpness that allows you to cut your food ingredients with ease and precision. It is made of Daido 1K6 high-carbon stainless steel. The high content of carbon in the steel enables the blade to reach a high rating (58 HRC) in the Rockwell hardness scale. However, although most carbon blades tend to struggle dealing with humidity, the type of steel used in the blades of Wasabi Black knives has great resistance to corrosion.

Moreover, the blades of all Wasabi Black knives are polished. Thus, their look give the knives a fine and elegant appearance that will add to your kitchen's decoration. It is also important to mention that the blades of most Wasabi Black knives are adapted for all types of cooks. Unlike in traditional Japanese knives, these blades are sharpened in both sides, so both left-handed and right-handed cooks can use them. However, we still encourage you to be careful and read the description of the products before buying it because, even though they are not a lot, there are some knives (for example: the yanagiba knives) that have single beveled blades and that means they can be only used by right or left-handed users.

Get your Kai Wasabi Black knife now!- The handle:

Probably the easiest way to distinguish or recognize a knife from the Wasabi Black series is by having a look at its handle. Indeed, all Wasabi Black knives have beautiful, black handles that are connected to the blade through a steel bolster. The elegant look caused by the contrast between the black handle and the steel bolster is something that should immediately make you think of the Wasabi Black series. The material from which the handle is made is a combination between bamboo powder and polypropylene. This combinations make the handles strong and durable.

Unlike most traditional Japanese knives, the handles of Wasabi Black knives are not inserted but actually embraced completely with the blade. This type of construction has the advantage of not leaving any gap between the blade and the handle where dirt or bacteria can settle in. This characteristic makes the Wasabi Black knives safe to use according to European hygienic standards. 

All Wasabi Black knives are here at MyChefKnives!

You already know why they are so great, now the question is: which one or which ones are you going to get? The Wasabi Black series offers you kitchen knives for all types of ingredients, and you can find them all here on our website! All Wasabi Black knives are made in Japan, and thus it is normal that the range offers the most popular types of Japanese style knives (santoku, yanagiba, nakiri...). However, inside the Wasabi Black range you can also find Western style knives such as chef knives and utility knives.

Regardless of the type of knife that you need, you'll surely find a good one for you inside the Kai Wasabi Black range. So we want to first: thank you for having read all the way down here, and second: invite you to equip your kitchen with Japanese cutlery of the great quality that your kitchen deserves!