Wusaki Ebony VG10 knives

Ebony VG10

Find in this page all the kitchen knives from the Wusaki Ebony VG10 series! This knife range proposes you the main types of kitchen knives for the preparation of your daily meals. There is a paring knife, a chef knife, a bread knife, and other models commonly used in every kitchen. The Wusaki Ebony VG10 knives are ideal for professional chefs as well as for hobby and home cooks. The damascus blades of these knives have a hard core of Japanese VG10 steel with 1% of carbon content. That core is surrounded by 67 layers of damascus steel, which create original patterns on the blades' surface. The handles of these Wusaki knives are made of ebony, which is a noble wood characterised for it great resistance. The octagonal shape of each handle adapts perfectly to both left and right handed cooks. And if all that wasn't enough, these exceptional kitchen knives are offered at very interesting prices considering their outstanding quality and dazzlign design. Do not wait anymore and choose yours below!