Victorinox knives


Few brands in the field of cutlery have as much experience as Victorinox. This Swiss brand has more than 130 years of experience manufacturing knives of exceptional quality. Nowadays, Victorinox knives are widely used all around the world by both professional and amateur cooks. Being the reference of Swiss cutlery, the products made by Victorinox are guaranteed to meet the highest standard of quality. Manufactured with materials of long durability and exceptional quality, Victorinox knives can make your daily cooking routine more enjoyable and pleasant!

Here at MyChefKnives, you can find a large variety of Victorinox knives from some of the brand’s most renowned ranges such as Swibo and SwissClassic. A vast variety of options of different sizes, colours, and functionalities is at your disposal, so choose the best knife for your kitchen and be a witness of the great quality of true, authentic Swiss cutlery!

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The Victorinox knives are exactly what your kitchen needs

Swiss quality and traditionWhen preparing your meals, there is no bigger pleasure than using utensils of great quality that can make the work easier and more efficient. That is why we are sure that you would love the Victorinox kitchen knives. Characterised for their impressive cutting performance, these knives are going to make your cooking routine much more enjoyable. The ease and precision with which Victorinox knives cut through all types of food ingredients will surpass all your expectations. Probably that explains why these knives are well appreciated by professional cooks in Europe and in the rest of the world!

Victorinox: a renowned brand in the field of cutlery

To better understand the quality of these knives, it is important to know a little bit about the brand itself. Indeed, quality is at the heart of the company Victorinox. Recognized worldwide by its iconic red logo in the form of a shield with a white cross in the middle, Victorinox is undoubtedly the leading and most popular brand of Swiss cutlery. With more than 130 years of history, Victorinox has become one of the preferred brands for many professional and hobby cooks in the entire planet. However, it must be said that the reputation of this brand first started with the creation of the Swiss Army Knife. Nowadays, it still remains the core product of the company, but with pass of the years, Victorinox has also gained an important position in the field of kitchen knives.

All the products made by Victorinox meet the highest standards in terms of hygiene and quality. To guarantee that their products truly represent their traditional know-how, Victorinox manufactures most of its products in Switzerland. It is important to also mention that Victorinox has a high level of environmental awareness when it comes to the manufactoring processes and practices in the company's factories. The brand is constantly innovating the manufacturing processes, so that the brand's environmental footprint can be significantly reduced. This is why in 2008 Victorinox got awarded by the Swiss Environmental Foundation for all the environmental efforst done by the brand.

So many reasons to appreciate the quality of Victorinox knives

Victorinox kitchen knives are great not just because we say it. Their impressive quality is the result of high-quality materials and smart design. There are no secrets for Victorinox: if you use the best materials, you'll have a high performing knife. For instance, the blades of most Victorinox knives are made of high-quality stainless steel with great corrosion resistance and remarkable durability. The edge of the blade gets its outstanding sharpness thanks to use of laser technology. However, steel is not the only material that you can find in the blades of kitchen knives made by Victorinox. As a matter of fact, Victorinox also offers knives with ceramic blades, which are also very sharp and durable.

Another feature that contributes to the quality of Victorinox knives is the handle. In most cases, the handles of Victorinox kitchen knives are made of FIBROX. This is a top-quality synthetic material that is strong, hygienic, and highly resistant to strokes and changes in temperatures. One of the biggest perks of Fibrox handles is that they are dishwasher safe! Moreover, these handles have non-slip surfaces that allow you to have a firm grip. This, added to the ergonomic design of the handle, makes Victorinox knives very appealing for cooks in busy kitchens where comfort and performance are key elements.

Victorinox knives for professional and home cooks

One of the coolest things about Victorinox knives is that they are often adaptable to both household and professional environments. For home cooks, they are easy to maintain and easy to use. For professional cooks, they are durable and efficient. Therefore, Victorinox knives are perfect for everyone! Here at MyChefKnives, you can find the perfect one for you, and if you don't know exactly which one to get, perhaps it would help to understand the differences between the different ranges found on our site:

- SwissClassic series:

This is the most popular line of kitchen knives made by Victorinox. All SwissClassic knives have Fibrox handles and stainless steel blades. Their cutting performance is simply formidable, so preparing your meals using these knives is a real pleasure. Inside the SwissClassic series, you can find a wide variety of differen types of kitchen knives such as steak knives, paring knives, bread knives, and more! They are very popular among home cooks, but they are also ideal for professional kitchens due to their ergonomic design and the fact that they are dishwasher safe.

- SWIBO knives:

Undoubtedly, the Swibo series is one of the best professional knife ranges in the market. Easily recognized by their yellow (with an orange tone) handles, these knives are perfect for professional cooks and butchers. Their high endurance and their remarkable cutting performance are two characteristics highly appreciated by cooks who use knives intensively almost every day. Swibo knives are also dishwasher safe, and despite of their professional quality, they have super affordable prices!

It is now up to you to choose the Victorinox knife that best fits with your needs and preferences. Regardless of the type of knife or the range from where you choose your knife, one thing is guaranteed: the quality. Get your Victorinox knife now!