Sabatier Ideal 100% Forged brass rivets

Ideal 100% forged brass rivets

Fans of French cutlery of high quality, this page is for you! Here, you can find all the knives from the Ideal 100% forged brass rivets knife series from Sabatier. This range of solid and reliable kitchen knives is entirely made in France. The renowned expertise of Sabatier once again strikes us with knives characterised for their durability and excellent cutting performance. The knives in this page have 100% forged blades made of stainless steel. The fact that they are 100% forged means that each knife was forged from a single piece of steel. This forging process results in a well-balanced and sturdy knife that chefs around the world love to use. Furthermore, the handles of these knives are made ofblack POM and have 3 brass rivets. This knife series offers you the most important types of knives in every kitchen, so choose the one or ones you need and experience the great quality of an authentic Sabatier knife!