Fischer HACCP professional knives

Fischer HACCP

Welcome to the Fischer HACCP knife collection of! In this page, you can discover all the Fischer knives that comply with the HACCP standards. These tools are perfect for professionals working in the meat industry as well professional chefs. The Fischer HACCP knives can withstand intensive usage in busy kitchens, which is why they are resistant and ergonomic. Their blades are made of  Nitrocut NCV50® stainless steel , which is an alloy perfectly suited for intensive use. This material is also resistant to shocks and corrosion. The handles of these professional knives are made of polypropylene, and they are very comfortable to hold. Another important feature of these handles is that they have a smartly designed fingerguard. This feature adds more security by preventing the fingers from touching the blade. Moreover, all the Fischer HACCP knives come in various colours such as red, black, blue, green and yellow. This will allow you to assign specific tasks to each knife and avoid any cross-contamination of foods. Lastly, all these knives comply with international HACCP standards, which means you can use them with full confidence. We also invite you to check out all the other collections of Fischer kitchen knives available on our website!