Moritaka Hamono Handcrafted Japanese Knives


Discover our collection of Japanese knives from Moritaka! These handcrafted kitchen knives are made in Japan by artisans who put into practice the renowned know-how of Japanese bladesmiths. Founded in 1293 by a Buddhist monk bladesmith, the brand Moritaka has always been constantly improving its manufacturing techniques, which is why nowadays the Moritaka knives are not only highly effective but also remarkably beautiful. The care put on the manufacturing of these knives is easy to notice on their impressive blades made of Aogami steel, which have an exceptionally sharp edge. As for the handles, they are made either of cherry wood or walnut wood, and they come in different geometric shapes to adapt to the different preferences of cooks around the globe. The steel used in Moritaka knives has a high content of carbon, and this is what enables the blade to have more durable sharpness. However, they require a more careful maintenance than stainless steel blades. Therefore, the Moritaka Homono knives are made for the true fans of ultra sharp carbon steel blades who will know how to take care of them and appreciate their outstanding cutting performance.