Hamburger presses and patty makers

Burger presses

Discover our collection of hamburger presses here at! To all the connoisseurs who like to make delicious hamburgers at home, a patty press is an essential accessory to have in your kitchen. A burger press allows you to make a fresh and well-moulded patty with the desired amount of meat. All the burgers will turn out in the same shape, size and weight. Not only do the burgers turn out perfectly, but you can also prevent any wastage of meat. With the help of the patty presses displayed on this page, you can prepare patties in round, square or rectangular shapes. In addition, we also offer burger papers so that you can prevent the meat from sticking to the press. Choose the press that suits your preferences and start preparing burgers like a pro!We also invite you to check out our collection of meat tenderisers here at!