How to choose the right knife block for your kitchen?


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So you've identified the right knife for your kitchen. You've learnt how to take care of your knives. You've also chosen the right sharpening tool to keep your beloved knives sharp. Now it's time to find the right place to store them so that they don't lose their beautiful shape and sharpness. MyChefKnives will help you to choose the right home for your kitchen knives!

First of all, why buy a knife block? A knife block allows you to store your kitchen knives in a very secure way. It also allows you to keep your knives always at your disposal which in turn makes your food preparations easier. In fact, having a knife block can increase your productivity, and it can also add a touch of class to your kitchen.

There are many kinds of knife blocks but they are mainly divided into three types, which are:

  • Universal knife blocks 
  • Classic knife blocks 
  • Magnetic knife blocks

Universal knife blocks


Universal knife blocks on


Often made of synthetic materials or wood, these blocks are usually used for housing ceramic knives, but they can also be used for storing steel knives. A special feature of these knife blocks is that they can be used for storing any kind of knife regardless of its brand, thickness, height, or blade shape.

The universal blocks are usually filled with thin nylon rods or interlocking rods, which are mainly made of polypropylene. The rubber coated rods are perfect for housing knives with blades that don't exceed a length of 20cm (except for blocks that are bigger than average, of course). You can still store your knives with longer blades, but some part of the blades will be visible, which impacts the aesthetics of the block.

Thanks to the nylon rods, once inserted, the knives are totally locked inside the blocks and they are not prone to scratching. The nylon fibres also keep your knives separated so that you don't need to worry about blades getting collided. Most of the time, the nylon rods are removable thus allowing you to clean the block from time to time to keep the block odour free. 


Classic knife blocks


Store your kitchen knives in a knife block


They are often made of wood or some type of wood derivate material. Unlike universal blocks, classic knife blocks come with predefined slots to place certain types of knives. 

These blocks are perfect for placing on the countertops, and they blend well with contemporary kitchens. With these blocks, it is important for you to know the exact length and width of the slots so that you can know which of your kitchen knives you can insert in the block. The key aspect of having this knife block is that it easily differentiates the size of the knife so that you are always sure in picking the right knife whilst cutting different foods.


Magnetic knife blocks


Magnetic blocks for your kitchen knives


Some are made of wood and others of synthetic materials, but they usually all blend well with modern kitchens. Unlike traditional knife blocks, these blocks don't have any slots to store the knives but the whole surface can be used for placing the knives. The magnetic knife blocks are equipped with magnetic systems that allow the blades to be securely held in their place. 

To retrieve the blade from the blocks, simply twist the blade and pull. Moreover, the magnetic knife blocks don't have any closed areas; therefore, they are very easy to maintain. Just a swipe their surface with a damp cloth to bring back its charm. It is important to take note that ceramic knives are not compatible with these boards because they lack magnetic properties. 


Ideally, you can choose the knife block from the same brand as your kitchen knives. This allows you to keep the brand-specific design and build your range of knives by combing an accessory of the same brand. But note that this is not obligatory! Most kitchen knives have an equivalent thickness and blade height. You can choose a knife block from a brand and buy kitchen knives of another brand; that's also fine.

Nevertheless, if you want to make your life less difficult, you could simply buy a block with kitchen knives. There are many brands who offer blocks that come equipped with the most essential tools in the kitchen. This is a smart way to pick a knife block because you can save some money by buying all together. 

Some blocks are even equipped with slots where you can store your sharpening steel, poultry shears and a pair of scissors. This is a nifty feature to have because you will have all your tools at an arm's length. Therefore, it's easier for you to prepare your recipes.

To keep your blocks in prime condition, we recommend you to always wash them by hand. Indeed, the dishwasher is not recommended for cleaning these products. It may damage the blocks and subsequently no longer protect your knives. Just a little water and a tad bit of soap are enough to make your blocks clean. For wooden knife blocks, you can apply oil from time to time to give them shine.


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