Furtif Evercut knives

Furtif Evercut

If you were looking for kitchen knives out of this world with a super futuristic design and a cutting performance that surpasses the expectations of professional and hobby cooks, then you need to stop your search now because you have come to the right place. The Furtif EVERCUT knives are tools of such an outstading quality that is hard to believe. Furtif EVERCUT knives are the result of the alliance between the EVERCUT technology and the cutting-edge design of Furtif knives. Made by the French manufacturer Tarrerias Bonjean, these knives will seduce you with their high-quality, dark blades that allow for an elegant look that no other kitchen knife has. If their mind-blowing design is not enough to make you love them, then just let the impressive cutting performance of Furtif EVERCUT knives speak for itself; you will never want to use again any other knife in your kitchen if it is not a Furtif EVERCUT. 

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Discover the great quality of Furtif Evercut knives!You can call it the knife of the future. A Furtif EVERCUT knife is a tool like no other. Whether you a professional chef or a home cook enthusiast, you need a kitchen knife that can cut with great ease and precision; you need a knife with a design that brings life and innovation to your kitchen. Let's put it in simpler words: you need a Furtif EVERCUT knife. Period.

People say that you cannot judge a book by its cover, and it's true, but in this case, the book is as good as its cover (yes, the book is the knife... just in case you didn't get it). Behind the elegant, modern look of the blades of all Furtif EVERCUT knives, there is a story of revolutionary technology that came to modernize the cutlery industry. These blades are manufactured with the help of EVERCUT technology, which is the result of 5 years of research and development with the focus to create a cutting edge with incomparable sharpness retention. This explains why Furtif EVERCUT knives are 300 more durable than some of the best kitchen knives in the market.

One different knife for every different use in the kitchen

The Furtif EVERCUT series offers one knife for every use in your kitchen. Indeed, the series consists of 5 knives which are the following: paring knife, utility knife, chef knife, santoku knife, and slicing knife. Despite their different shapes, size, and functionalities, all these knives have in common the fact that their blades are covered with a non-stick coating (this is what gives the dark look to the blade) and have original handles that are inspired in the shape of stealth aircrafts. 

Thanks to their reinforced cutting edge, all the different Furtif EVERCUT knives can perform their different functions in a precise, effortless manner. For example, the paring knife can cut all types of fruits and vegetables with extreme ease. In the same way, the slicing knife can deal with roasts, hams, and big pieces of meat with no difficulty at all. The best part is that they do not require frequent sharpening as most kitchen knives do. However, when the time to sharpen your Furtif EVERCUT knife comes, it is important that you know that you should only use diamond sharpening steels or manual sharpeners with diamond wheels. 

Do not hesitate more and plunge into the next generation of kitchen knives bye getting one of the knives from the Furtif EVERCUT series. Enjoy the worldwide known French traditional know-how in the manufacturing of cutlery but with an extra dosis of technology and innovation that can only result in knives of superior quality. You do not have to believe us; you just have to let the Furtif EVERCUT knives speak for themselves ;)