Sabatier Fuso Nitro+ Knives

Fuso Nitro+

Welcome to our selection of top quality knives from the Sabatier Fuso Nitro+ series! Elegant, stylish, modern, sharp... there are no better adjectives to describe the Fuso Nitro+ knives, and it makes sense to have knives of this great quality if you take into consideration that this knife range is made by one of the most renowned brands in the market: Sabatier. Each of the knives in this range has a Sandvik stainless steel blade that runs continuously to the handle with no junction in between both parts. The full stainless steel body gives each knife a modern and elegant look that any cook would love to have in his or her kitchen.

The Fuso Nitro+ series offers you all the main types of kitchen knives that you might need for your food preparations: chef knife, fillet knife, bread knife, paring knife, utility knife, carving knife, and more! So don't hesitate anymore and choose the knife that best suits your needs and equip your kitchen with the great style and quality that Sabatier offers you here at!