BergHOFF Ron Titan knives

Ron Titan

If you are bored of using traditional steel knives, you have made it to the right page! The BergHOFF Ron Titan knives are also equipped with steel blades but with a little twist. All the knives from this series are dual coated with a titanium layer and a non-stick layer. Firstly, titanium is coated on the stainless steel knives to make it stronger. Secondly, a non-stick coating is done on top of the titanium layer to avoid the food from sticking to the blades. Furthermore, the Ron Titan collection offers the main knives that are needed in a standard kitchen. These knives are perfect for those cooks who don't compromise on the aesthetics of their beloved kitchen utensils. In addition to kitchen knives, this collection also offers a magnetic bar, a protective sheath and a carving fork. These tools perfectly complement the BergHOFF Ron Titan knives and blend nicely in your modern kitchens. We also invite you to discover the rest of BergHOFF kitchen knives that we have for you here at!