Professional Swibo knives

Swibo knives

Looking for professional knives of high endurance? If yes, then you have come to the right place! Welcome to our selection of Swibo knives made by Victorinox! The Swibo range of professional knives initially belonged to the Swiss brand Wenger, but in 2005, the brand was acquired by another Swiss brand: Victorinox. However, if they are now produced by a different knife manufacturer, the great quality and efficiency of Swibo knives remains the same! This range of knives is very popular especially among professional butcher, because it offers several models of butcher knives, boning knives, skinning knives, filleting knives and other types of knives widely used in professional kitchens. All Swibo knives have blades made of tempered stainless steel with ultra sharp edges that are easy to sharpen with a honing rod if necessary. The most iconic feature of Swibo knives is undoubtedly their yellow handles. Their ergonomic design allows you to have a comfortable grip, and their bright colour make the knives easy to spot in busy kitchen. Don't hesitate anymore and equip your kitchen with the professional quality of Swibo knives!

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