Wusaki Nakata BS2 Japanese knives

Nakata BS2

Find below the range of Japanese knives from the Wusaki Nakata BS2 series! This knife range is perfect for the fans of beautiful cutlery and Japanese blades of high quality. The Wusaki Nakata BS2 Japanese knives are suitable for daily usage, and they are full of characteristics highly appreciated by most cooks: excellent cutting performance, long-lasting sharpness, and an authentic Japanese design. From the forging of the blades to the assembly of the different parts, these knives are entirely made in Japan. The production takes place in the city of Sanjo in the Niigata province putting in practice the ancient methods of Japanese blacksmiths (those who created the katana swords). The blade is made of 3 different steel layers, which is a Japanese technique known as San Mai. Its core is made of Blue Steel n°2 Japanese steel with 1.2% of carbon surrounded by a layer of a softer steel on both sides of the blade. These Wusaki Japanese knives have a remarkable razor sharp edge that are easy to sharpen whenever is needed. The handles of the Nakata BS2 knives are made of walnut wood, and their bolsters are made of pakkawood. Each handle ensures a comfortable grip for a firm control of the knife. Last but not least, these knives are also quite attractive in terms of pricing as they are much more affordable than other knives of this same level of quality. Choose your favourite knife now and do not forget to also get a Wusaki whetstone to keep your blade always sharp!